At MBT we believe strongly in Missions. For us “missions” includes training, sending, and supporting missionaries as well as reproducing local churches through church planting.

Missions is not something we do in addition to other church activities. Rather our church activities deliberately support the mission God has given us.

“Pray, Prepare, Give, Go” is a motto we have displayed on the front wall of our sanctuary at MBT. Every member and visitor sees it every week:

  • Pray: Paul repeatedly asked for prayers for his missionary activities—we have periodic Missionary Pray Nights and Missionary Support Teams that regularly pray for our missionaries we support around the world.
  • Prepare: Our faith proposition is that God can and will use us to make disciples near and far. Because of this, we must be always training our men and women to minister; and to learn the Word of God for themselves, so that whether they go or stay, they are equipped and enabled to make disciples as the Lord has gifted them. God has used MBT to send out oversea missionaries and church planting teams both near and far.
  • Give: Giving to missionaries allows us “back home” to have fruit that abounds to our account (Php 4:17). Partnering with missionaries through financial giving is a wonderful way to buy in to the mission we have been given.
  • Go: Multiple short term mission trips are typically offered every year. These trips allow for members to “get their feet wet” and experience what it is like to leave your comfort zone and serve God more deliberately. Many missionaries got their call to missions or full time ministry on such trips. Some will go as long-term missionaries or as part of a church planting team. No matter whether we go or stay geographically, we should all go, as in “Ready, Set, Go”—engage in the mission we have been given.

2020 Mission Trips

2020 Available Trips

Vietnam - Late June/Early July

Boston - Fall (September/October)

Belize - November 6 - 16

Costa Rica - Student Trip - June 25 - July 2

Costa Rica - Early December

Tampa - March 26 - April 2

Tampa - October 28 - November 3

India - August

El Salvador - August 12 - 18

El Salvador - Late September/Early October